December 18, 2023

Web Store Grand Opening!

Get all new deals with this brand new Store!

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Mathew Schuck

A new Store has arrived here on the Portal! Read on to learn all the benefits you can gain from purchases made here. 



The Web Store is a new, incredible feature that can be accessed outside of the FFXV: WFE App; it can be accessed from any web browser, on any device, at any time! 


Currently, it is only available to select realms, but watch for the in-game blog when you can access it!



Access Special Currency! 


The Web Store introduces a new currency called Jewels, which can be used to purchase Gold Packs, Event Passes, and more! Anywhere you’d normally make a purchase with cash, you can now utilize Jewels instead. 


While you can obtain Jewels in the ‘Jewels’ tab of the in-game Gold Store, you’ll want to make sure to check out the web for exclusive offers where you can get more for your money. 


In addition to providing extra Jewels on all purchases, the Web Store has a number of First Time Buyer Offers available - don't miss out on these if you haven't taken advantage of them yet! There’s also a special Daily Gift available through the Web Store - this is different from the Daily Gift you’ll find in-game, so make sure to visit the web site every day!


  1. Store tab- Access the Web Store here while reading other articles on the portal.
  2. Login button- connect with your in-game account so you get your purchases delivered to your City with no hassle.
  3. Daily Gift and Timer- Return to the portal to claim a FREE GIFT, refreshing daily. 
  4. First Time Buyer Banner- These will appear at the top of offers that are available to you. When you see the First Time Buyer banner, you will have access to an exclusive containing more Jewels than standard offers. Once purchased, the banner will disappear off of the offer you claimed it for. 
  5. Offers- Items you can purchase to have delivered to your in-game account. You will only be able to purchase the offers that are available to the selected account. 


The Web Store will also be available for purchases and in-game rewards while you are playing Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos, through the Jewel Store interface.




Q: I was shown a First Time Buyer offer, but after logging in, it's no longer there. Where did it go?

A: If the offer is no longer visible after logging in, this is because you've already taken advantage of this offer for your account! Login to accurately see the most up-to-date offers available for your account.


Q: I saw offers on the Web Store, but I can’t purchase anything, why?

A: The Web Store and its offers are only available to certain Realms at this time. Stay tuned to your in-game blog for more information on when it will be available.


Q: Is the Daily Free Gift the same on the portal as it is in game?

A: No! Make sure you log into the game and visit the Jewel Store daily to get all available rewards.


Q: How long will it take for my purchase to appear in my account?

A: All purchases via the Web Store should be available in your Inventory within a few minutes, although in rare situations, this may take a bit longer.


Q: I accidentally made a purchase for the wrong account. Can my items be transferred to the correct account?

A: Items can NOT be transferred between accounts. You can always verify the account you have selected prior to making a purchase. Account information can be viewed in the upper-left corner of the web store page, or by selecting your Profile Avatar on Mobile.


Q: I made a purchase and it has not been delivered. What should I do?

A; If you have multiple accounts, double check that the purchase you made was for the account you intended. If your purchase hasn’t been delivered to your account, please reach out to our Customer Support team for further assistance.  


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