September 26, 2023

Vanity Store Guide

A new Store is coming to Eos. Read more about what the Vanity Store has for you!

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Ashley Palmer

From the way your City looks, to the Avatars when chatting with others, appearance is everything and now you will have options to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward with the brand new Vanity Store!



The Vanity Store can be found in a new tab in the Store. Here you will find exciting items to set up your City to stand out above the rest. 



There are four main tabs when you are in the Vanity Store:


1. Citadel: You will be able to find skins to change how your City looks on the World Map, as well as your main Citadel’s appearance within your City.


2. March: Show your enemies you mean business with different March looks.


3. Avatars: Not only will you be able to put your best face forward with new and different Portraits, but you will be able to Frame them in the best light.


4. Decorations: Set your City apart with Vanity Store exclusive items! Whether it’s a beautiful garden, or more organized infrastructure, there’s a little something for everyone.


The Vanity Store will utilize special Vanity Currency, called Vanity Tickets. You can gain it through Reclamation!


Reclamation: Do you have several of the same Avatar Frame that you have earned from an Event? Did a Sales Pack come with an extra Citadel skin that you already had? You will be able to swap those out for Vanity Tickets and get what you want or need instead! You will be able to complete the Reclamation in your Inventory. Tap on the Vanity Item in question and a box will pop-up that walks you through the exchange.  Once exchanged, however, you will not be able to get the item back, so choose carefully!


The Vanity Store has a Refresh Timer above the items available, so you will want to grab your items while you can. Once the max amount of an item available in the Vanity Store has been purchased, you will still see the item in the Store, however the Purchase button will be grayed out with a check mark over the image indicating that the item has been purchased. When your Vanity Store refreshes, you will see a red notification on the Vanity Store icon, which means you will see brand new items to shop for!



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