November 14, 2023

Solheim Shop Guide

A new Store is coming to Eos. Read more about what the Solheim Shop has for you!

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Ashley Palmer

The Old Ruins of Solheim have recently been unearthed, and this means the threats that dwell within them are now yours to conquer and profit from!  A new shop is getting ready to open to you!


A mysterious merchant has been busy preparing everything to collect that which has been unearthed, and if you don’t see the shop in your Realm, keep a sharp eye out for the in-game blog to indicate it’s here!  


The Solheim Shop can be found in a new tab in the Store, next to the General, Guild, VIP and Vanity tabs. In order to take advantage of all the exciting wares they have to offer, you will need to find and defeat a Lvl 10 Mindflayer, Lvl 20 Naga, Lvl 30 Serpentess or find the Solheim Ruins to gather from. You can find the Solheim Ruins in all areas of the Realm.

Tip: Search for a specific Skirmish level to help you hunt down these Monsters!

The Solheim Shop will utilize a special Currency, called Solheim Coins. These can be redeemed for special items in the shop.  These items include older season’s Hero Tokens and more to ensure you are on top of your battles! It will refresh Weekly, so keep an eye on the timer at the top to make sure you don’t miss out on the best deals available! 



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