October 16, 2023

War For Eos Season 5!

Lucis Heroes with Legendary feisty spirits have arrived!

Created by

Ashley Palmer

War For Eos Season 5 has arrived! The smell of freshly cooked recipes permeates Eos, and the world gets a little bit different as the seasons change. A spark of heat will make all the difference and that is what these three new Heroes have in spades! Ready to fight for the forces of Lucis, meet Nyx, Crowe, and Libertus!

Your Realm will reach new Seasons as it progresses in age. Each War For Eos Season’s primary focus will be new obtainable Heroes, inviting all kinds of new strategies in both PvE and PvP activities! You can also dive into an assortment of new Events associated with these new Heroes, providing the opportunity to earn Rewards that will help to unlock them. War For Eos Season 5 brings three new Legendary Heroes into play; Nyx, Crowe, and Libertus!  


New War For Eos Seasons will arrive one week after the end of every Stronghold Siege Series, infusing each Series with new strategies! Each Season announcement here in the Web Portal will include a table that details when existing Realms (at the time of this announcement) can expect that Season to arrive.


Realm NumberWar for Eos Season 5 Release Date
6, 10, 20, 30, 32October 16th, 2023 at 5PM PT / 00:00 UTC
34October 30th, 2023 at 5PM PT / 00:00 UTC
35November 13th, 2023 at 5PM PT / 00:00 UTC
37November 27th, 2023 at 5PM PT / 00:00 UTC


If you are in a newer Realm that isn’t on this table, keep in mind that you can expect a new War For Eos Season after each Stronghold Siege Series ends. You’ll also see an in-game Blog announcement whenever a new War For Eos Season arrives in your Realm.



New Heroes

Each War For Eos Season comes with new Heroes, and Season 5 brings us Crowe, Libertus and Nyx; each entry below will give you a quick glimpse at their background, Class/March Slot/Roles, an overview of their abilities, and where their Hero Tokens can be found!




Born in Galahd, Libertus joined the Kingsglaive alongside his childhood friend Nyx to fight back against the Niflheim Empire.


Rarity: Legendary

Class: Tank

March Slot: Infantry

Roles: Paladin, Kingslaive

Faction: Lucis



In Party Encounters, Libertus is a noteworthy Tank that fiercely defends his allies from harm. His mouth does a lot of the talking, using his Goading Strike to pull his enemy’s attention, only to wallop them when they least expect it. His big heart is on display for all with his Limit Break, For Hearth and Home, letting his allies Tech Charge as he shields them from harm.

In War Combat, Libertus provides benefits to Infantry Troops and increases City Defense Troop Attack, Troop Attack, and Troop HP. 


How to Obtain Libertus 


Libertus Tokens can be found in the following places:

  • Daily Deals
  • Champion of Eos Event Leaderboard
  • Explorer of Eos Event
  • Hero Specific Pack (this one time pack appears when you unlock Libertus - grab it while you can!)





After growing up as an orphan, the Kingsglaive are the only family Crowe knows. Libertus often says she is like a little sister to him.


Rarity: Legendary

Class: Support

March Slot: Ranged

Roles: Elementalist, Kingslaive

Faction: Lucis


In Party Encounters, Crowe is a fiery Support Hero that heats up friend and foe alike. Her elemental status effects make her a powerhouse that you will want to have on your side. Whether she’s Scorching her enemies to the ground or using her Healcast: Firanga (Limit Break) to take care of her allies, this red-hot Hero leaves the battlefield ablaze.

In War Combat, Crowe provides benefits to Ranged Troops and increases City Attacking Troop Health, Skirmish Troop Health, and Guild Hunt Troop Health.


How to Obtain Crowe


Crowe Tokens can be found in the following places:

  • Glaive's Wish Event
  • Glaive's Wish Chests (found in Packs and in the Item Shop during Glaive’s Wish Event)
  • Hero Specific Pack (this one time pack appears when you unlock Crowe - grab it while you can!)





Saved by King Regis as a child, Nyx repays the debt by serving the Kingsglaive with distinction. His unique ability to wield the King's magic and epic exploits in combat have earned him the moniker of 'hero' among his peers.


Rarity: Legendary

Class: Attacker

March Slot: Cavalry

Roles: Assassin, Kingslaive

Faction: Lucis


In Party Encounters, he is an Attacker Hero that Shocks and Burns his enemies while empowering his allies. His powers are designed with deception in mind, Warping wherever he is needed to make the biggest impact. His Limit Break takes him to the backline of his enemies and he strikes while they aren’t looking. A true Kingsglaive Hero as he takes care of his allies with the skill of the same name, sharing stats and making sure that you are one cohesive unit.

In War Combat, Nyx provides benefits to Cavalry Troops and increases City Defense Troop Health, Throne Attack, and Throne HP. 

How to Obtain Nyx


Nyx Tokens can be found in the following places:

  • Nyx’s Choice Pack
  • Hero Specific Pack (this one time pack appears when you unlock Nyx - grab it while you can!)



Additional War For Eos Season 5 Notes


  • Caligo Tokens (instead of King Noctis) are now obtainable in rotating Minor Stronghold Unique Rewards, and Gentiana Tokens (instead of Caligo) are now obtainable in rotating Major Stronghold Unique Rewards; Crowe’s Glaive’s Wish Event will replace Umbra’s Messenger’s Event.


  • Pryna are now obtainable in Premium Hero Chests; Libertus Tokens have replaced Pryna Tokens in Daily Deals, the Champion of Eos Leaderboard, and the Explorer of Eos Event.




Are you ready to unleash these new Heroes? You can find all the details on their Stats and Skills on your Heroes page! Take a moment to join the Community on Discord,  too - we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on Season 5! 



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