May 2, 2023

War For Eos Season 2!

Three new Legendary Heroes have entered the fray!

Created by

Andrew Knight

The stakes are ramping up in Eos! Cities and Guilds are establishing themselves, Stronghold Siege Series combat is in full swing, and we’ve hit an important milestone - War For Eos Season 2 has arrived!


Your Realm will reach new Seasons as it progresses in age. Each War For Eos Season’s primary focus will be new obtainable Heroes, inviting all kinds of new strategies in both PvE and PvP activities! You can also dive into an assortment of new Events associated with these new Heroes, providing the opportunity to earn Rewards that will help to unlock them. War For Eos Season 2 brings three new Legendary Heroes into play; Ardyn, Ravus, and King Noctis!


Season 2 also marks the beginning of a new Stronghold Siege Series. A new opportunity to establish your Guild as top contenders in the Realm has officially arrived! If your Guild saw success and finished at or near the top of the rankings in the last Series, watch out - you’ll definitely have a target on your backs in this one!


New War For Eos Seasons will arrive one week after the end of every Stronghold Siege Series, infusing each Series with new strategies! Each Season announcement here in the Web Portal will include a table that details when individual Realms can expect that Season to arrive, and it will be updated as new Realms are opened over time.


Realm NumberWar for Eos Season 2 Release Date
6, 10, 20, 30, 32May 1st at 5pm PT / May 2nd at 00:00 UTC, 2023
34May 15th at 5pm PT / May 16th at 00:00 UTC, 2023
35May 29th at 5pm PT / May 30th at 00:00 UTC, 2023
37June 24th at 5pm PT / June 25th at 00:00 UTC


You’ll also see an in-game Blog announcement whenever a new War For Eos Season arrives in your Realm.



New Heroes

Each War For Eos Season comes with new Heroes, and Season 2 brings us Ardyn, Ravus, and King Noctis; each entry below will give you a quick glimpse at their background, Class/March Slot/Roles, an overview of their abilities, and where their Hero Tokens can be found!





As chancellor of Niflheim, Ardyn supervises the highest reaches of government while also overseeing the empire's various research programs.


Rarity: Legendary

Class: Attacker

March Slot: Ranged

Roles: Armiger Knight, Trickster



In Party Encounters, Ardyn is a cunning Attacker Hero that can deal damage to single targets and in an area of effect. He also spreads a new Status Effect called Starscourge throughout Party Encounters to friend and foe alike. Each time a combatant gains Starscourge, Ardyn gains up to 10% of their attack - everyone can apply Starscourge to their target once they have it, meaning Ardyn gets much stronger the longer a fight goes on!


In War Combat, Ardyn provides benefits to Ranged Troops and increases City Assault Troop Attack and March Speed.


How to Obtain Ardyn


Ardyn Tokens can be found in the following places:

  • Ardyn’s Curse Event
  • Corrupted Wish Chests (found in Packs and in the Item Shop during Ardyn’s Curse Event)
  • Hero Specific Pack (this one time pack appears when you unlock Ardyn - grab it while you can!)





Eldest son of House Fleuret, Blood of the Oracle, and older brother to Lady Lunafreya. Ravus now directs the imperial army as its high commander, leading the empire's godslaying operations with a figurative and literal iron fist.


Rarity: Legendary

Class: Tank

March Slot: Cavalry

Roles: Warrior, Elementalist


In Party Encounters, Ravus is a Tank Hero that fortifies his survivability with Shields and debilitates his foes with Static, Shock, and Stun. His Basic Skill can’t be dodged, and he takes up to 30% reduced damage from enemies that are inflicted with Static or Shock!


In War Combat, Ravus provides benefits to Cavalry Troops and increases Rally Troop Attack and Throne Troop Health.


How to Obtain Ravus


Ravus Tokens can be found in the following places:

  • Daily Deals
  • Champion of Eos Event Leaderboard
  • Explorer of Eos Event
  • Hero Specific Pack (this one time pack appears when you unlock Ravus - grab it while you can!)



King Noctis


After adventuring across Lucis with his friends, Noctis has embraced the responsibilities of his inheritance.


Rarity: Legendary

Class: Attacker

March Slot: Infantry

Roles: Armiger Knight, Assassin


In Party Encounters, King Noctis is a devastating Attacker Hero that wields the power of Lucian kings to inspire his allies and leverage buffs for increased damage. He uses a new Status Effect called Dynasty Stance to gradually recover HP, and can consume it to increase his attack by up to 40%! 


In War Combat, King Noctis provides benefits to Infantry Troops and increases Throne Troop Attack and City Defending Troop Health.


How to Obtain King Noctis


King Noctis Tokens can be found in the following places:

  • Legendary Choice Pack
  • Hero Specific Pack (this one time pack appears when you unlock King Noctis - grab it while you can!)



Additional War For Eos Season 2 Notes


  • Luna Tokens (instead of Iris) are now obtainable in rotating Minor Stronghold Unique Rewards, and Aranea Tokens (instead of Luna) are now obtainable in rotating Major Stronghold Unique Rewards; Ardyn's Curse Event will replace Luna's Oracle Wish Event.


  • Cor Tokens are now obtainable in Premium Hero Chests; Ravus Tokens have replaced Cor Tokens in Daily Deals, the Champion of Eos Leaderboard, and the Explorer of Eos Event.




Are you ready to unleash these new Heroes? You can find all the details on their Stats and Skills on your Heroes page! Take a moment to join the Community on Discord, too - we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on Season 2!


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