October 4, 2023

Reclamation Post Guide

A new Feature is coming to Eos. Read more about this new addition!

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Ashley Palmer

Your Inventory can be your biggest resource to keep you ahead of your enemies, but even the most organized person can end up with extra items. The Reclamation Post is the answer to your extra and unused Items! Exchange your excess and clean house with brand new items! 

The Reclamation Post allows you to exchange outdated or extra unused items for new ones!


You will be able to access the Reclamation Post in your Inventory Menu for convenient exchanges. When tapped, a new window will open. This is the Reclamation Post. There will be 3 different Rewards at the top that you can earn by recycling items in your Inventory. 

Once an item is recycled, it will be removed from your Inventory.


Each item that is recyclable is designated to one of the Reward tabs. Items will have different exchange values, so you will be able to progress through the Reward of your choice faster when you exchange higher value items! If you do not have any eligible items to recycle, they will not appear when you select a Reward. Once you have claimed the available Rewards, you will be unable to recycle until the timer counts down to zero and the daily limit refreshes.


One of the Rewards will allow you to exchange for Resources of your choice, another will allow you to exchange for a mystery chest.  Lastly, you will also be able to exchange vanity items for Vanity Tickets to use in the Vanity Store!  

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