February 1, 2023

Player vs. Environment Overview | War for Eos

Eos is a dangerous place! There's a lot you may encounter, so brush up on this knowledge before you begin exploring!

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Andrew Knight

Explore the main story of Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos in the Campaign! The majority of the Campaign’s Chapters will require your party of Heroes to fight in real-time combat called Party Encounters. Eos is also loaded with a variety of encounters that will help your City when conquered in Player vs. Environment combat. Send your Heroes to lead the charge and stake your claim on the land surrounding your City.



Party Encounters

You’ll enter Party Encounters primarily while completing Chapters in the Campaign and clearing the Areas in your Outpost. You can also locate Party Encounters on the World Map using your Radar! Each Combat encounter gives you the option to choose your Party of Heroes, set their positioning, and use their Skills to defeat your enemies. Once defeated in Player vs. Environment combat, you’ll earn Rewards that will help your City grow.


You can choose up to 5 Heroes to use in Party Encounters (including one Party Leader), and arrange their positions according to your strategy. Tap on a Hero’s portrait to add or remove them to/from your Party, and drag your Heroes around to arrange their positions.


When a Party Encounter begins, your Heroes will move towards your enemies and fight them until an entire side has been defeated.

  • Each Hero starts with a full green Health Bar. This bar will turn yellow when a Hero reaches 50% Health, and turns red when they are approaching defeat.



Hero Skills

Heroes automatically perform their Skills in battle, except for their Technique or Limit Break.


  • Techniques are usable when a Hero’s Tech (blue) Bar is full. Tap on that Hero’s portrait when it is ready - you’ll know it’s ready when their portrait moves up and catches fire!


  • Limit Break Skills are usable when your Party Leader’s Limit Break (orange) Bar is full. Tap on the Limit Break button when it appears to use this game breaking Skill!


  • Tech Charge and Limit Break Energy are gained from attacks, being attacked, and killing enemies.



Party Encounter Items

Consumable Items can be brought with you into Party Encounters to help ensure victory. Tapping on an Item during a Party Encounter will consume it and activate its ability. Use them strategically to get the most out of them - examples of Items include Phoenix Downs that revive a defeated Hero, or Potions that Heal the most damaged Hero in your Party.


  • Only two Items can be brought with you, and they can be selected alongside your Heroes before initiating a Party Encounter.


  • Only a certain number of Items can be used during a single Party Encounter. This number depends on that Item, and is indicated when selecting that Item before that Party Encounter begins.


  • Some Items may have a cooldown timer before they can be used again. When an Item can’t be used, it will appear as gray during your Party Encounter - tapping on a grayed Item will offer an explanation as to why it can’t be used.


  • Items are stored in the Combat tab of your Inventory, and consumed Items are only removed from your Inventory when you win a Party Encounter. Losing, Restarting, or Quitting will not remove an Item from your Inventory.



Party Encounter Autoplay & Game Speed

Autoplay can be enabled in Party Encounters by tapping the ‘Auto’ button. This feature will automatically use your Heroes’ Techniques and Limit Breaks when they reach full charge. Items are not used by Autoplay, but you can still use Items manually while Autoplay is enabled.Game Speed can be toggled during a Party Encounter to speed things up. Default Game Speed is 1x, and it can be toggled to 1.5x or 2x - 1.5x Game Speed is unlocked after completing Chapter 1 of the Campaign, and 2x Game Speed is unlocked after completing Chapter 2 of the Campaign!




Monsters and agents of the Magitek Empire can be found all over the World Map. Similar to Resource Tiles, they can be engaged with your Heroes and Troops in Skirmishes! Attacking them will yield valuable Items for your City’s endeavors. Skirmishes require the use of Hero Stamina.


Guild Hunts

You can also find massive targets on the World Map that require the help of your Guild to take down - Rally against them in a Guild Hunt and eliminate these targets to earn Items together!



Troop Combat Against the Environment

PvE Troop Combat occurs when initiating a Skirmish or Guild Hunt. When you engage with one of these targets on the Realm Map, several factors will determine the outcome of that battle, including the target itself, the types, levels, and amount of Troops involved, Combat Boosts, Heroes involved, and more. The outcome of each battle will typically result in a portion of Troops being wounded or killed - here’s a breakdown of Troop losses!


  • Standing Troops are Troops left over from combat that are not hurt and can be immediately used again upon returning to the player's city after initial combat is resolved.


  • Lightly Wounded Troops are Troops that are hurt in combat, but don't need to go to the Hospital and can be immediately used again upon returning to players city after initial combat is resolved.  Lightly wounded troops will be transported back to the city, how fast that occurs depends on the result of combat for that player.
    • Attacker Wins: Lightly Wounded Troops instantly return home with no March.
    • Attacker Loses: Lightly Wounded Troops March home with the rest of the surviving Troops and Heroes, which will take a certain amount of time.
    • Defender Wins: Lightly Wounded Troops instantly return home with no March.
    • Defender Loses: Lightly Wounded Troops March home with the rest of the surviving Troops and Heroes, which will take a certain amount of time.


  • Wounded Troops are Troops that are hurt in combat to the extent that they need to be sent to the Hospital and healed before being used again. Wounded Troops will always be immediately transported to the hospital after initial combat is resolved.


  • Killed Troops are Troops that are permanently lost and cannot be brought back.


Hospital Behavior

Your Hospital will continue to fill up with Wounded Troops until it reaches its Hospital Capacity.  If more wounded troops are sent to the Hospital once the Hospital is full, they will be killed and permanently lost as long as the Hospital remains full. Hospital Capacity can be increased by leveling up the Hospital.




Sometimes you’ll find wayward Troops camped out across the Region, looking for a cause to fight for. Claim these Tiles to Recruit them so they’ll join your endeavors! Recruiting requires the use of Hero Stamina.




Your Radar Building locates valuable Skirmish, Party Encounter, and Recruit Tiles on the World Map and gives extra rewards for clearing them with Radar Objectives. The higher the Quality of a Radar Objective, the better the rewards for completing it.



Your Radar offers a daily amount of Radar Objectives based on its Level, and these Objectives are refreshed every day at 5pm PT / 00:00 UTC - upgrading your Radar increases the Quality of your Radar Objectives, too.


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