February 27, 2023

Guild Overview

Learn what you need to know about Guilds and Join up!

There is always strength in numbers. Being in a Guild is much more than just teaming up to achieve common goals - you’ll gain access to several features that are sure to help you and like-minded players reach new heights. Join an existing Guild and climb their ranks as your City grows, or create your own and lead your comrades to glory!



Joining or Creating a Guild

Joining a Guild is easy and has immediate benefits! If you aren’t in a Guild, tapping on ‘Guild’ in your City View will open the Guild Menu. This screen is split into three tabs: Create, Join, and Invites.





You can Create your own Guild on the Create tab by entering a Guild Name & Guild Tag, selecting a primary Language, and tapping Create Guild. Don’t forget to choose an Emblem by tapping ‘Browse’, too! Make sure to fill out your Guild’s Description once created - all of these things are important for recruiting like-minded members.




You can Join an existing Guild on the Join tab by tapping Join for the Guild of your choice after you’ve browsed through the pages of available Guilds. You can also search for a specific Guild by entering their Name or Tag in the search bar above the list of available Guilds. Tap on the ‘eye’ icon below each Guild’s Emblem to learn more about them - Guilds will often post their rules and goals in their Description, and you can see how powerful they are by viewing their Members and Stats!




The Invites tab will display any Invites that you’ve received from an existing Guild, allowing you to Join them without searching for them on the Join tab.



Guild Menu

Once you’ve joined or created a Guild, tapping on ‘Guild’ in your City View will open the Guild Menu. This screen displays your current Guild’s at-a-glance information and several features associated with your Guild. Your Guild’s at-a-glance information includes your Guild's:


  • Tag, Name, and Emblem
  • Level
  • Leader
  • Number of Members
  • Total Power
  • Selected Language
  • Status



Guild Menu Features


Guild Gifts is where you can Open Guild Hunt Chests, Claim Allied Gifts, and open Teamwork Crates once unlocked! More information on Guild Gifts can be found further down in this Guide.
Mail All allows you to send a message to everyone in your Guild’s Mail → Inbox.
Shop takes you to the ‘Guild’ tab of the Shop, where you can purchase Speed Ups, Teleports, and other Items using Guild Credits. Guild Credits are earned by Helping Guild Members, donating Resources to Guild Members, and donating towards Guild Research. More information on the Guild Shop can be found further down in this Guide.
Guild Research is where you can participate in Guild Research, which provides benefits that apply to all Guild Members. More information on Guild Research can be found further down in this Guide.
Reinforce allows you to send Troops to Reinforce a Guild Member’s City. Troops sent to Reinforce an ally will assist them in combat against attackers.
Guild Help opens the Guild Help screen, where you can assist Guild Members with timers they’ve requested Help for.
Members displays your entire Guild’s roster of Members, sorted by their Rank.
War opens the War screen, where you’ll be able to view and join your Guild’s outgoing Rallies, Solo Marches, and Event Marches.
Summary & Stats displays your Guild Members’ individual Power and other significant Stats. Guild Stats are statistics that reflect progress from your entire Guild (for example, Troops Killed is the number of Troops that every member in your Guild has Killed collectively), and Leaderboard displays your Rank in comparison to all other Guilds in your Realm, with ‘1’ being the best.
Manage Guild allows you to perform administrative actions for your Guild based on your Rank, like promoting Guild Members, editing your Guild Description, or changing your Guild’s Name. Most actions can only be performed by Rank 5 or Rank 4 Members. More information on Guild Ranks and Permissions can be found further down in this Guide.
Find A Guild allows you to view and search for other Guilds in your Realm. You can elect to Join a new Guild from this screen instead of Leaving your Guild and searching for another after you’ve left.
Leave Guild allows you to leave your Guild.



Guild Level and Shop

Guild Level


Your Guild’s Level primarily determines what you are able to purchase in the Guild Shop. As your Guild’s level increases, you’ll gain access to more options to buy from!


Guild Level is increased when any Guild Member collects Guild XP - Guild XP is earned by opening Guild Gifts, opening Daily Quest Reward Chests, and by Donating to Guild Research. The maximum Guild Level is 11.



Guild Shop


Guild Credits are needed to make purchases in the Guild Shop! Guild Credits are earned by Helping Guild Members, donating Resources to Guild Members, and donating towards Guild Research. You can earn up to 10,000 Guild Credits each day by Helping Guild Members.


The Guild Shop is split into two sections - Guild Daily and Guild Weekly. Daily wares and their stock will be refreshed each day, and Weekly wares and their stock are refreshed every Wednesday. Both options include a variety of helpful Items! The Weekly Guild Shop is unlocked at Guild Level 2, and you can view other Guild Level requirements for each row of Items while in the Guild Shop.


You’ll also see that some Items in the Guild Shop are discounted! Discounts are determined at random when the Shop refreshes.



Inactive Guild Leader


It is possible that an R5 may leave the game for an extended period of time, which can impact the success of your Guild. Your Guild Level determines how long an R5 has before they are replaced by the Guild Member with the highest Power - the higher your Guild Level, the longer your R5 will have before they are replaced.


  • Guild Level 1-2: 1 Week until replaced
  • Guild Level 3-6: 2 Weeks until replaced
  • Guild Level 7-11: 3 Weeks until replaced



Guild Gifts

Guild Gifts are one of the most valuable benefits you can gain by Joining a Guild! The Guild Gifts screen displays your Guild’s progress towards unlocking a Teamwork Crate, and is also divided into two selectable categories; Rallies & Allied Gifts.


Teamwork Crates


Teamwork Crates yield big-time Rewards and are opened when you and your Guild Members have collected enough Teamwork Crate Keys! Claiming Gifts earned from Guild Hunts (from the Rallies tab) and Claiming Gifts sent by Bundles (from the Allied Gifts tab) provide Teamwork Crate Keys - the better the Gift, the more Keys you’ll gain. Teamwork Crate Keys can also be earned from Daily Reward Chests. Your Guild’s progress towards opening your Teamwork Crate is shown with a progress bar in the middle of this screen.





The Rallies tab will display Gifts that can be claimed after a completed Guild Hunt. Each claimable Gift will display the name of the Guild Member who initiated the Guild Hunt and the name and level of the Guild Hunt’s target. If there are no Chests to be claimed, you can tap ‘Join a Guild Hunt’ to join one and help take down an Iron Giant! You can also start a Guild Hunt with this option if there are no active Guild Hunts to join. 


Allied Gifts


The Allied Gifts tab will display Gifts that can be claimed after they have been sent by a Guild Member. Gifts are sent when a Guild Member purchases a Bundle. Each claimable Gift will display the name of the Guild Member who sent it, the name of the Gift, and the name of the purchased Bundle that provided the Gift. If there are no Gifts to be claimed, you can tap ‘Purchase a Bundle’ to find a Bundle and send a Gift to your Guild once purchased!



Guild Research


Guild Research is a powerful tool that provides benefits to all Guild Members! Guild Research consists of Guild Research Trees, and each Tree has an assortment of Research Nodes - these Nodes are what provides benefits to your Guild when completed.





  • Tap on an available Guild Research Node to open the Donation screen - you’ll find the option to Donate Gold or the Resource associated with that Node. 


  • You can make an unlimited amount of Donations using Gold, and can make up to 25 Donations using that Node’s associated Resource. The number of available Donations is indicated by the Donation Chances found right above the Donate buttons. 1 Donation Chance for Resources is recovered every 10 minutes, and that timer is shown at the bottom of the Donation screen.


  • Each Donation provides a set amount of Rewards based on the selected Research Node, and typically consists of Guild Research Donation points, Guild Experience, and Guild Credits.


  • When enough Guild Research Donation points are collected from your Guild’s Donation, the selected Node’s level will increase and the Upgrade Benefits will be granted to your Guild! The required amount of Guild Research Donation points and the progress towards completing it is shown with a progress bar between Donation Rewards and the Donate buttons.


  • Your R5 and R4 Guild Members can designate specific Guild Research Nodes as ‘PRIORITY’ to ensure that everyone is Donating towards the same Node. Only one Node can be marked as Priority at a time, but it will provide 20% more Donation Rewards!



Starting Guild Research Trees


  • When unlocked, your Guild will gain access to two Guild Research Trees; Guild Combat Research and Guild Development Research.


  • Guild Combat Research provides benefits that assist your Guild with Troop Combat. such as increased Troop Attack, increased Ranged Defense, and increased March Speed.


  • Guild Development Research provides benefits that assist your Guild in other facets of the game, including increased Research Speed, increased Gathering Speed, and increasing your Guild’s Member Capacity.


If Guild Research is not available in your Realm yet, stay tuned! It will be available soon!



Guild Ranks and Permissions

Guilds are divided into five Ranks, and as mentioned above, most actions are reserved only for Rank 5 and Rank 4 members. The Rank 5 Guild Member is the Guild Leader, and Rank 4 Guild Members are essentially ‘Co-Leaders’. It is up to the R5 and their R4s to determine the hierarchy and value of other Ranks within the Guild! 


Promotions can only be completed up to one rank below the Promoter’s Rank, and Demotions and Kicks can only be completed for members below the Demoter/Kicker’s Rank.


Send Guild Invite
Manage Guild Invites and Requests
Promote Members
Demote Members
Kick Members
Transfer Guild Leadership
Stronghold Registration Vote
Primary Language
Open Recruitment
Change Guild Name / Tag
Disband Guild
Change Guild Description
Manage Block List
Change Guild Emblem
Change Guild Headline
Receive Guild Gifts


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