September 7, 2023

Guild Gauntlet Event!

Complete tasks and score higher than other Guilds to earn prizes!

Created by

Andrew Knight

Your Guild needs YOU!


The Guild Gauntlet Event has arrived, and it’s time to show off your Guild’s superiority in the world of Eos. Complete tasks together to improve your Guild Score - you’ll compete against other Guilds to see who emerges victorious at the end!


The most successful Guilds will be handsomely rewarded, but this Event also provides an opportunity to earn Prizes with your individual performance. Don’t miss out on extra rewards for completing missions that you’ll typically be doing as you play War For Eos!


Guild Gauntlet Events are being released to select Realms. Check your in-game blog for an announcement on when it has arrived. If you don’t see a blog, stay tuned - they will arrive soon!



Guild Gauntlet Events


Guild Gauntlet Events are found on your Events Page! Earn points by performing tasks to complete Solo or Guild Milestones and collect your Rewards. At the end of the Event, you can receive extra rewards based on you and your Guild’s Leaderboard placement.


Note that Your Guild must have 15 players of Citadel Lv 10 or higher to be able to participate in this Event.



Your primary objective is to accept and complete tasks to earn points for your Guild in this Event!



  • The upper area of this Event will display all of the statuses and progress you and your Guild have made in the Event.


  • On the ‘Missions’ tab, tapping on a Task will show the specific requirements for completing it. Tap ‘Select Task’ to claim it - you will be responsible for completing this and scoring points for your Guild once you’ve claimed it! If you find that it is too difficult to complete, you can tap on your Task and elect to ‘Abandon’ it - this will remove the task completely, and a new one will take its place in 30 minutes.


  • Tap on the circular arrows ‘Refresh’ button to replace this task with a new one if your Guild decides that it is undesirable or unattainable - it takes 30 minutes for a new task to show up after Refreshing.


  • You can also increase the maximum number of Tasks for your Guild by tapping the ‘+’ on this tab. The first one is free, and then increasing this number requires Gold from there. This resets daily.


  • Tap on ‘Rank Rewards’ to view the Rewards that can be earned at each Rank. Increase you and your Guild’s Rank by completing Tasks!



  • The ‘Solo Rank’ Tab will display your Solo Rank among all players in your Guild.


  • The ‘Guild Rank’ Tab will display your Guild’s Rank among all competing Guilds.


  • The ‘Milestone’ Tab will show your Reward tracks for completing the Event’s Milestones - there are rewards here for your Guild and for you!



Guild Leagues

This new competition has 5 leagues that your Guild can end up in, for all realms:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Champion 

Competition gets more fierce as your guild progresses through the leagues so be prepared to take on your rivals!



If you leave your Guild while the event is active and you have selected a task, that task will disappear and you will not receive any rewards when the event ends. 

If you change Guilds, you will not receive any of your old rewards when the event ends, and you can’t do any tasks for your new Guild. 

If your Guild is disbanded, either during or after the event, they will be removed from the leaderboard. 

If a Guild becomes ineligible during the event from members moving, they can continue to participate in the event until it concludes, however, they will be unable to participate in the next event until they meet requirements. If a guild becomes ineligible to participate and the event occurs, they are demoted 1 league.

That covers it! The premise is pretty straightforward here - complete Tasks with your Guild to earn Rewards! But, can your Guild come out on top? There is a certain degree of strategy to consider here - do you have a Guildie who trains more Troops than everyone else? Make sure they select any Troop Training Tasks! Only the most dedicated and efficient Guilds will place on the Leaderboard and rule the gauntlet!

We hope you enjoy these Events! Make sure to join our Discord and share any feedback you might have - we want to ensure that your experience is the best it can be!



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