July 31, 2023

Faction Bonuses

Use sets of associated Heroes to earn extra Bonuses!

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Andrew Knight

Eos is divided in dire conflict with two major Factions. Lucis Heroes fight alongside Noctis, Lunafreya, and their friends in hope of saving Eos from the wicked and wanton Niflheim Empire. There are also those who find themselves caught between the two Factions, pulled in either direction by personal connections or conflicts of interest - these Neutral entities may be the most important, as they could be the linchpin in winning the War For Eos. As the struggle swells, the time to choose a side is nigh!


Faction Bonuses allow you to earn extra benefits when using Heroes that belong to the same Faction - fight for good with Lucis Heroes, for evil with Niflheim Heroes, and customize your strategies with Neutral Heroes that can benefit either Faction! The benefits earned from Faction Bonuses apply to Party Encounter and War Combat!



Faction Bonuses


Heroes belong to one of three Factions, and using all Heroes in a Party Encounter or a March from the same Faction will grant that Faction Bonus! Neutral Heroes qualify for Lucis and Niflheim Faction Bonuses.


  • Lucis


  • Niflheim


  • Neutral


As you assemble your Hero lineups, you’ll see the Faction Bonus Icon be filled as you select Heroes from the same Faction - once a Faction Bonus is complete, the Faction Bonus Icon will light up with that Faction’s color. You can also tap this Icon to view Faction Bonuses in-game while you are setting your lineups.


Party Encounter Faction Bonuses


Select 5 Heroes when preparing for Party Encounters to take advantage of the following Bonuses!



Team Composition

Faction Bonus

5 Lucis

4 Lucis + 1 Neutral

3 Lucis + 2 Neutral

2 Lucis + 3 Neutral

1 Lucis + 4 Neutral

Lucis Bonus: Heroes gain 10% Critical Damage Boost and gain 5% Critical Chance Boost when they use a Technique.

5 Niflheim

4 Niflheim + 1 Neutral

3 Niflheim + 2 Neutral

2 Niflheim + 3 Neutral

1 Niflheim + 4 Neutral

Niflheim Bonus: Heroes gain 10% Magic Boost and gain 5% Tech Charge when they inflict a Negative status.

5 Neutral

Neutral Bonus: Heroes gain 10% Spirit Boost, 10% Critical Avoid Boost, and recover 5% HP when they use a Technique.

Any Lucis + Any Niflheim

4 or fewer Heroes

No Bonus


War Combat Faction Bonuses


Select 3 Heroes when preparing for War Combat to take advantage of the following Bonuses! These apply in Marches/Rallies and Wall Defense.



Team CompositionFaction Bonus

3 Lucis

2 Lucis + 1 Neutral

1 Lucis + 2 Neutral

Lucis Bonus: +12% Troop Attack

3 Niflheim

2 Niflheim + 1 Neutral

1 Niflheim + 2 Neutral

Niflheim Bonus: +8% Troop Lethality
3 NeutralNeutral Bonus: +12% Troop Health

Any Lucis + Any Niflheim

2 or fewer Heroes

No Bonus


Note that Neutral Faction Bonuses cannot be attained until enough Neutral Heroes are available to activate them.



Choose a side and reap the rewards of Faction Bonuses! Which side do you plan on taking? Let us know in our Discord and share any feedback you might have about this new feature - we’re always looking for ways to improve the game!


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