October 24, 2023

Developer Update Roundup: September 2023

Fixes and updates made to the FFXV:WFE during September 2023.

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Ashley Palmer

Wake up! September is over and it’s time for the spooky season to start. The Dev Team incinerated lots of bugs before the leaves started to fall, and a majority of the bug fixes and improvements were made based on reports of the players in the community - thank you as always for sharing your experiences and helping us prioritize what needs to be improved!


Our Discord Community continues to grow, and we encourage you to join in on the discussion! We post all of the Developer Updates detailed below as they’re happening, and have channels for everything else regarding FFXV: War For Eos. Please join us, if you haven’t already. We hope you enjoy this roundup of our Developer Updates!



September 7th, 2023


General Updates


  • A new feature is being tested in select realms and will be available to all realms in the future! To read more about "Guild Gauntlet", visit the War for Eos Site and Latest  Updates section!


  • We are aware of scouting reports not showing enemy reinforcements. Our team is currently working to address this issue, so please be cautious when attacking an enemy.  


Bug Fixes


  • Chest art in the teamwork crate UI no longer overlaps with text.


  • 'Forgot Password' hitbox has been scaled properly to help with selecting the option.  


September 14th, 2023  


General Updates


  • Added descriptions for Poison and Confusion statuses to Malboro's Guild Boss tooltips.


  • There has been an issue with troop reinforcements missing in scouting reports. Players should now be able to see reinforcements in reports again.  


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to reinforce strongholds at specific times in combat.  


  • Resolved issue where the red notification dot on the blog alerts button not accurately showing the correct total of unread blogs.


  • Fixed Season 4 Hero Gentiana's clones appearing before being activated. (Only available in Season 4 Realms)  


Developer Notes


  • We will be running a scheduled maintenance on September 19th, at 10am PT / 17:00 UTC.  During the maintenance you will not be able to log into the game. While maintenance is taking place, we encourage you to join Discord and look for updates for when the maintenance will conclude.  



September 21st, 2023  


General Updates


  • Updated text within Player Skills and Research Nodes that referred to ranged troops as mages.  


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed display issue on Oracle’s Pilgrimage: Prive Overview page.


Developer Notes


  • We understand that Resource Trading is currently not a feature in the game is a highly requested topic players have shared with us. The team is currently reviewing and updates on this topic will come at a later date. 


  • Our Team is reviewing reports of Strongholds being left unoccupied. We will update you once we have more information to share.



September 28th, 2023


General Updates


  • Updated Guild Restrictions in the Guild Gauntlet Event (Coming soon to more Realms): Players are able to leave their Guild during Guild Gauntlet however, you will no longer be able to see the event and any task in progress will be canceled. Players can rejoin the same guild they started the event with and continue at the same score they left with. Players can join another guild, but they won't be able to participate in their Guild Gauntlet.  


  • New Features have launched in select Realms this week; Cooking, Vanity Store, & Reclamation Center. These new features are available in select realms and will continue to roll out to more realms, including Guild Gauntlet.   


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed issue with PvEs and Resource Tiles spawning on the map.


  • Fixed issue with Radar Missions taking up March Slots for the new Cooking Feature. (Available in select Realms)


  • The Cooking Interface no longer flickers while scrolling down the Cooking Recipes. (Available in select Realms)


  • Fixed an issue over the weekend where Heroes and the Guild Boss were not visible during combat.


  • Gathering resources should now reflect correctly in the Guild Task "Gather Resource". (Guild Gauntlet available in select Realms)  


Developer Notes


  • Team is aware of an issue regarding Guild Gauntlet Exclusive Tasks and is working to solve the issue.



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