January 31, 2023

January 2023 Developer & Community Update

Learn more about exciting changes coming to FFXV: War for Eos!

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Andrew Knight




Dev Team here - thank you to all of the players who continue to provide feedback and support for Final Fantasy XV: War For Eos!


We wanted to take this opportunity to share some notable updates on the horizon with you:


New Features and Updates (expected in the coming month!)

  • Battle Report details will be available soon!
  • New Guild Research coming soon! Contribute towards Guild Research with your guildmates and earn the benefits together!
  • New Campaign Chapters coming soon!
  • We will be introducing Character Management! This will provide an avenue to create and switch between separate accounts without having to log-out and log back in. Character Management will allow up to a max of 2 accounts per Realm. Stay tuned for more details!


Other Upcoming Updates and Fixes

  • We are working on a fix for a bug where a Scouting player’s name is not visible to the defending player if their Watchtower is higher than level 10.
  • We are working on a fix for an issue where there can be a mismatch between player City levels indicated at different zoom levels.


We are aware of feedback regarding Guild Hunts and related rewards. While there are no immediate plans for further adjustments, it is something that we will continue to monitor.


In addition to the Guild Research feature (which is in development), the following Guild related updates are being worked on:

  • Until Guild Research is released, there will be limited avenues for Guilds to increase their Guild Level. We will be making a one time increase to all active guilds to the maximum Guild Level in Realm 10 and any Realm 6 Guilds that are not already at max level in the meantime.
  • Arachne and Tarantula Guild hunts will be updated to drop Guild Gifts.


Keep an eye out for more updates, and thanks as always for your support.

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