October 24, 2023


Something is sizzling in Eos- time to get Cooking!

Created by

Ashley Palmer

Your army has been begging for new food choices. Ignis has been baking up a storm and is finally ready to remove the cloche to serve up something piping hot. Whether you burn toast on a regular basis, or you have the skills of a world class chef, there’s a little morsel for everyone with Cooking- serving up hot action and cool rewards to your Radar!




Acquire Produce, Fish and Meats from new Radar Intel objectives and use them in Recipes to whip up permanent boosts for your City! 


Find the collected Resources in your Inventory under the Resources tab. 


These new objectives will be added in addition to your normal rotation of Party Encounters, Skirmishes and Recruiting objectives. They will be as randomized as the other objectives, meaning you may not see certain types of Objectives during refreshes. These new Cooking objectives will function the same way as Recruiting objectives and will NOT occupy a March slot. 


Notes: Harvest nodes will not count towards leveling up your Radar. Your Radar Strength must be upgraded to Level 2 to access Cooking



Once you have collected the resources needed for a Recipe, head to your Resource Vault to get Cooking! Tapping on the Cooking option will take you to the Recipe page. 


You will be able to see available Recipes and what bonuses they provide! Once you unlock a Recipe, it will start at level 1, and will be completed at level 25, with the bonuses permanently stacking to help your City be the cream of the crop.


Tap on each Recipe image to see the benefits that each meal will provide to your City and what amount of resources needed to complete each level of the Recipe.


Cooking is being released to select Realms. Check your in-game blog for an announcement on when it will be arriving. If you don’t see a blog, stay tuned - it will arrive soon!




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