February 20, 2023

How it Works: Party Encounters

Read for everything you need to know about Party Encounters!

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Andrew Knight

Eos is brimming with Monsters and agents of Niflheim, and you’re going to find yourself battling against them often. Sometimes you’ll take them on with your Troops, but there are more daunting encounters where your Party of Heroes will need to take over to ensure victory. Heroes have Stats, Skills, Items, and more - let’s break all of it down so you can master Party Encounters!




You’ll enter Party Encounters primarily while completing Chapters in the Campaign and clearing the Areas in your Outpost. You can also locate Party Encounters on the World Map using your Radar! Each Combat encounter gives you the option to choose your Party of Heroes, set their positioning, and use their Skills to defeat your enemies! Once defeated, you’ll earn Rewards that will help your City grow!

Here’s some must know Battling info:


You can choose up to 5 Heroes to use in Party Encounters (including one Party Leader), and arrange their positions according to your strategy. Tap on a Hero’s portrait to add or remove them to/from your Party, and drag your Heroes around to arrange their positions.


  • When a Party Encounter begins, your Heroes will move towards your enemies and fight them until an entire side has been defeated.
    • Each Hero starts with a full green Health Bar. This bar will turn yellow when a Hero reaches 50% Health, and turns red when they are approaching defeat.


  • Heroes automatically perform their Skills in battle, except for their Technique or Limit Break.
    • Techniques are usable when a Hero’s Tech (blue) Bar is full. Tap on that Hero’s portrait when it is ready - you’ll know it’s ready when their portrait moves up and catches fire!
    • Limit Break Skills are usable when a Hero’s Limit Break (orange) Bar is full and is the current Party Leader. Tap on the Limit Break button when it appears to use this game breaking Skill!
    • Tech Energy and Limit Break Energy are gained from attacks, being attacked, and killing enemies.


  • Autoplay can be enabled in Party Encounters by tapping the ‘Auto’ button. This feature will automatically use your Heroes’ Techniques and Limit Breaks when they reach full charge.


  • Game Speed can be toggled during a Party Encounter to speed things up. Default Game Speed is 1x, and it can be toggled to 1.5x or 2x - 1.5x Game Speed is unlocked after completing Chapter 1 of the Campaign, and 2x Game Speed is unlocked after completing Chapter 2 of the Campaign!




Heroes have an assortment of Stats and Skills that will help you defeat your enemies. As you advance through the Campaign, your enemies will become increasingly more powerful, and you’ll need to Level Up your Heroes to keep up!

  • The maximum Hero Level is 250, and you can Level Up a Hero using Hero XP (and other Items like Hero Drink when a new Level will unlock or upgrade a Skill). Your Hero Hall's Level will also determine how high you can Level Up a Hero - check that Building’s Info → Levels for more details!


  • Heroes have several Stats that determine their speciality and performance, like Max Health, Attack, and Defense. These Stats increase every time you Level Up a Hero, and each of them have a specific purpose:
    • Max Health: Amount of damage a Hero can take before being defeated.
    • Attack: Increases the amount of damage a Hero’s Skill can do.
    • Defense: Decreases the amount of damage a Hero receives.
    • Accuracy: Increases the chance of Hero Skills hitting their targets.
    • Evasion: Increases a Hero’s chance of avoiding incoming attacks.
    • Critical Chance: Increases the chance of a Hero’s Skills scoring a Critical Hit.
    • Critical Damage: Multiplies the damage dealt on a Critical Hit.
    • Critical Avoid: Decreases the chance of receiving a Critical Hit from incoming attacks.
    • Magic: Increases the chance of inflicting a negative status effect on an enemy.
    • Spirit: Increases the chance of resisting a negative status effect from incoming attacks.


  • Heroes have four or five unique Skills that they use - 3 Automatic, 1 Technique, and 1 Limit Break (Rare Heroes do not have a Limit Break). Powerful Skills have cooldown periods. Each Skill has three levels, and they are unlocked or upgraded after 20 Hero Levels!



  • Heroes have Star Ranks that can be increased using specific Hero Tokens and Hero Catalyst Items. Star Ranks apply multipliers to certain stats when you increase them, and each Star Rank will allow you to increase that Hero’s Level to a certain point:


Star RankMax Hero Level


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