February 14, 2023

Party Encounter Items & Strategy!

Use Items and fine-tune your tactics to succeed in Party Encounters!

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Andrew Knight

As you progress deeper into the Campaign, you’ll find particularly challenging Party Encounters. Your Heroes are powerful, but sometimes they will need some extra help to fight back the dark forces that plague Eos. Items can be used during these Party Encounters to give them an extra edge, and when combined with sound strategy, you’ll be unstoppable!




Consumable Items can be brought with you into Party Encounters to help ensure victory! Tapping on an Item during a Party Encounter will consume it and activate its ability. Use them strategically to get the most out of them - examples of Items include Phoenix Downs that revive a defeated Hero, or Potions that Heal the most damaged Hero in your Squad.


  • Only two Items can be brought with you, and they can be selected alongside your Heroes before initiating a Party Encounter.



  • Only a certain number of Items can be used during a single Party Encounter. This number depends on that Item, and is indicated when selecting that Item before that Party Encounter begins.


  • Some Items may have a cooldown timer before they can be used again. When an Item can’t be used, it will appear as gray during your Party Encounter - tapping on a grayed Item will offer an explanation as to why it can’t be used.


  • Items are stored in the Combat tab of your Inventory, and consumed Items are only removed from your Inventory when you win a Party Encounter. Losing, Restarting, or Quitting will not remove an Item from your Inventory.


  • Autoplay mode does not consume Items. You can still use Items manually while Autoplay is enabled.




Some Party Encounters can prove to be very dangerous, particularly if you’re up against a Boss. When you’re battling against difficult denizens, keep some of these tips in mind to push through!


Tap on enemy portraits before entering a Combat Encounter to preview their Skills, Strengths, Weaknesses, and more!
  • Pick Heroes that work well together. Each Hero plays a role and has certain strengths or weaknesses - leverage their strengths to cover others’ weaknesses!


  • Positioning is key to success. When preparing your Squad for a Party Encounter, make sure to put your Tank Heroes up front and your Support Heroes behind them. Consider your enemies’ positioning as well!


  • Your Party Leader and their Limit Break Skill is important. Using the right Limit Break at the right time can turn the tide of battle!


  • A well timed Item can make a huge difference. If you’re stuck on a tough Party Encounter, consider which Items you’re bringing with you and when to use them!



The results of every Party Encounter tips the fate of Eos in favor of the light or the dark - use this knowledge to ensure that your Party of Heroes succeeds in their endeavors! For more information on the basics of Party Encounters, make sure to read the How it Works: Party Encounters Blog post!


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