February 5, 2023

Beginner's Tips and Tricks

Check out these six Beginner Tips and Tricks to ensure your success in the War for Eos!

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Andrew Knight

Establishing a City worthy of legend in the War for Eos App requires strategy and efficiency. Keep these beginner's tips & tricks in mind every time you log in to help solidify your legacy!



Beginner's Tips & Tricks


1. Complete Campaign Levels to improve your Hammerhead Garage Chest.

  • Hammerhead Garage Chests are a great source of Hero XP and Hero Drink, which will allow you to level up your Heroes.
  • Try to push as far as you can in the Campaign each day to maximize your auto-generated rewards.
  • Use your Potions and Phoenix Downs! They aren’t spent if you lose a Party Encounter, and you earn plenty of these Items from Story Quests, Radar Objectives, and from the Campaign.


2. Get Additional March Slots from Technology Research.

  • It’s worth trying to quickly progress through the Technology tree to get one or two more March Slots. These will greatly improve the rate at which you can complete your Radar Objectives and Daily Quest Gathering objectives!


3. Join A Guild.

  • Free Speedups on Construction, Research and Training will make a big difference in your progress!
  • Teleport near your guild members to join in on Rallies.


4. Level Up Heroes.

  • Heroes get stronger in both War (Realm Map) and Party Encounter combat with every level.
  • About every 20 levels, Heroes need Hero Drink to unlock or upgrade one of their Abilities.  Abilities can drastically improve your Heroes, so try to reach these breakpoints if you can.


5. Level Up your Player Profile.

  • You can use Player XP in your Profile to unlock Skill Points. These can be used in the Skill Tree to get Player Abilities that can be incredibly useful, like recalling armies or instantly generating resources.


6. Prep Before Logging Off the War for Eos App.

  • Make sure your Resources are protected either with a City Barrier (you start with one automatically), or try spending the Resources until they are below your Resource Vault’s limits.
  • Try to get long Construction, Research and Training timers running before logging off.
  • Begin a Rally on an Iron Giant to allow your Guild Members to join and generate rewards for the entire Guild.
  • Gather Resources with your armies to gain rewards while you’re away.


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