January 31, 2023

Beginner Overview | War for Eos

Learn the basics about this alternate entry in the FFXV saga.

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Andrew Knight

Welcome to Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos! This alternate entry in the FFXV saga focuses on the reconstruction of the kingdom of Lucis after the fall of Insomnia. It expands beyond the original storyline, proceeding in a different parallel world. The Empire of Niflheim razes the continent, hellbent on Realm-wide destruction. Can you band together with the remnants of the Crownsguard and dispel the darkness?


What is Final Fantasy XV: War For Eos?

Final Fantasy XV: War For Eos is a Strategy and Adventure game! Restore Lucis to its former glory by Constructing a powerful City and defending it from wanton enemies (from the Niflheim Empire or from other players). You’ll empower famous Heroes of Eos along the way, and join them on a quest to defeat those dark forces once and for all. 


  • Build your City! Collect Resources and upgrade your Buildings to grow in Power and construct a transcendent City.


  • Battle in the Campaign! Join Noctis and the gang in real-time Combat, where you’ll explore the story of FFXV:WFE. Collect and upgrade all Heroes and create the ultimate line-up.


  • Train your army! You’ll need a grand military to achieve true greatness. Train and upgrade your Troops to protect your assets and attack your foes.


  • Compete with and against other players! You’ll coexist with lots of other players in your Realm - forge friendships and work together in a Guild, and clash for big prizes and bragging rights against others in Events.


User Interface

There are many facets to running a flourishing City. Master your User Interface so you can keep track of everything.


City View

City View is your primary screen, and it’s where you’ll perform actions to manage your City and increase your Power. This is where you’ll Construct, Upgrade, access, and arrange all of your Buildings, Train Troops, upgrade Heroes, complete Research, and more.




Your Profile can be accessed by tapping your Avatar image in the top left of your City View. Your Profile shows important stats and provides links to key elements of your endeavors. Manage your Gear, add Skill Points, view your Army, and much more.



The Chat bar near the bottom of your screen is where you’ll stay connected with other players in your Guild and Realm. Swipe the Chat bar left or right to switch between Chat channels, and tap the Chat bar to open the full Chat window. 



Action Menu (bottom bar, left to right)

Realm View is the first option on your Action Menu, displayed with a Globe. Tapping on this will open your Realm View, which is where you’ll find other Cities, Resource Tiles, Monsters, and more. To access the Realm Map, you must first unlock the Radar Building.
Quests are where you can earn Rewards for performing various actions, like upgrading your Citadel. New Daily Quests are given every 24 hours starting at 5pm PT / 00:00 UTC, and completing them before they reset will earn you progressively better rewards. Missions do not reset, rewarding you once for completing a specific objective.
Hero will open your Heroes page.
Guild will open your Guild information.
Shop will access the Shop, where you can purchase Items needed to progress your City.

Items will open your Inventory, and it is divided into four tabs.

  • The Resources tab holds all of your Resource Items.
  • The War tab holds Items that are used on the Realm Map, like Teleports or March Recalls.
  • The Combat tab holds Items that are used in Party Encounters.
  • The Misc tab holds everything else, including Hero Tokens, Supply Crates, Player Skill Resets, and more.  
Mail will open your Mail, where special communications and alerts are sent to your account.



Expanding Your Outpost

Your City is where you build your legacy! The more powerful you become, the closer you’ll be to restoring prosperity to Eos. Starting with an Outpost, you will be tasked with clearing closed off Areas and repairing their Gates so you can expand your influence. As your City grows in Power, you’ll be able to unlock and construct new Buildings that provide different benefits for your City.


  • Clear out Obstacles to gain access to Areas within your Outpost. In addition to clearing out Obstacles, you may also need to eliminate nearby threats to be able to repair the Area’s Gate. Once you repair it, you will claim the Area as your own! You can now Repair any Ruined Buildings within the Area to take control of them, or construct other Buildings of your choice within that Area. Continue to unlock Areas to expand your Outpost and gain access to new Buildings.


  • Construct and Upgrade the Buildings in your City to gain Prestige. Prestige is required to upgrade the crown jewel of your City, the Citadel, starting at Level 15.



Area Tiles

You must use Stamina to clear out Enemy Threats or Recruit Allies within your Outpost. Stamina is generated passively, and can also be gained by increasing your Player Level or by completing Story Quests.

  • Ruined Buildings: Enemy threats control Buildings in Areas you have not unlocked. Battle in Party Encounters with your Squad of Heroes to eliminate these threats! Once you unlock the Area, you can repair the Building to take control of it.


  • Obstacles: Tap on Obstacles to clear them out and obtain Resources. Your Citadel must be a certain level to clear out specific Obstacles.


  • Army Battle Tiles: Send an Army of Troops against an Enemy Army to defeat them. You can select 3 Heroes that will join your Troops.


  • Recruit Soldiers Tiles: Recruit the Army in this Tile by using your Account Stamina! 


  • Dilapidated Gates: Once you clear out all enemy threats, you can repair the Gates to unlock the Area.



Creating an MZ Account and Character Management


Creating an MZ Account allows for account recovery and enables Character Management! This simple step will bind your account with an email address and ensures that you won’t lose your progress in FFXV: WFE. You’ll also be able to manage multiple Characters, if desired!



Creating an MZ Account


  • Tap your Avatar → More → Accounts and Devices → Create An Account. 


  • Enter a personal email address you have access to, set a password, and tap submit.


  • Click the link sent to your email to verify, and you’re all set!


This unique login will allow you to access your account from multiple devices, and will ensure that you don’t lose access to it. When you open FFXV: WFE on another device or find that you were logged out of your account, return to Accounts and Devices in the More menu and use the Sign In option to return to your City. 


Character Management


Once you’ve created your MZ Account, you’ll gain access to Character Management!


  • To view the Character Management screen, tap your Avatar → More → Character Management.


  • Tap the ‘+’ to Create a New Character, and search for or select the Realm from the provided list that you’d like that Character to reside in.


  • Return to this screen to switch between your Characters!



Combat Basics

Combat is inevitable when the future of Eos is at stake. You’ll find yourself battling frequently in your quest to restore peace! There are two types of Combat in FFXV:WFE: PvE, and PvP. Both types of Combat require you to send a March - Marches are initiated whenever you send your Troops to a Tile on the Realm Map. Sending Marches uses a March Slot, and your City has a limited number of March Slots based on the Research you’ve completed.


PvE Combat occurs in two forms: Skirmishing with Monsters or Imperial Troop, or during Party Encounters. 

  • Skirmishing requires you to locate a target on the Realm Map and deploy your Troops there in a March. Victories in Skirmishes provide loot like Supply Crates, Hero XP, and Resources.


  • Party Encounters are typically initiated by entering Chapters in the Campaign, and will send your Party of Heroes to do more in-depth battles with dangerous foes. Completing a Chapter provides Rewards like Party Encounter Items, Hero XP, and Hero Catalysts. Party Encounters can also be found on the Realm Map through Radar Objectives.


PvP Combat occurs when attacking another player, defending against another player’s attack on your City, or competing for an objective on the Realm Map. When attacking, you can go solo by deploying your Troops in a March, or you can coordinate an assault with your Guild in a Rally. You can steal a portion of another player’s Resources and weaken their position if you successfully attack their City!




As you expand your Outpost and turn it into a marvelous City, you’ll unlock a series of important Buildings. They serve all kinds of purposes, and are your primary source of actions and power.


No Category (Hidden from the Build Menu)

Citadel: Leveling up your Citadel unlocks new upgrades for your Empire and provides extra bonuses and rewards. Your Citadel is the primary indicator of your City’s status, displaying your City’s Level and Stats.


Wall: Repaired Gates defend the city against invaders. Upgrading it increases its Breach Duration (time between attacks after invaders have breached the city walls), Wall Durability (wall’s Health), and Wall Repair Amount (amount of Health restored when Repaired).




Barracks: Level up your Barracks to train more powerful troops and increase your training queue. There are three types of Barracks: Infantry Barracks, Ranged Barracks, and Cavalry Barracks.
Troop Camp: Upgrade your Troop Camp to boost your Training Queue and increase Training Speed.
Command Point: The Command Point enables you to organize War Rallies and launch Rallies at your opponents.
Watchtower: The Watchtower will warn you of all Marches that target your Empire or its Encampments. This includes Attacks, Reinforcements, and Scouts.
Hero Hall: The Hero Hall provides Troop Attack Bonuses and increases the maximum level your Heroes can reach. It also reduces the Free Premium Chest Cooldown.
Hospital: Upgrade your Hospital to increase Troop Healing Speed. The Hospital only heals wounded Troops defending your Empire, it does not treat reinforcing Troops. Build Hospital Wards to increase your Troop Healing Capacity.
Guild Hall: Upgrading your Guild Hall increases your reinforcement-housing Capacity. The owners of reinforcing Troops pay their upkeep. If you need to be defended, ask your Guild to send some reinforcements!
Shelter: Hide Troops from enemy Scouts and protect them from Combat in the Shelter. You can hide one March in the Shelter at a time.
Hammerhead Garage: Progress the Campaign to increase your Empire’s Hero XP Production & Capacity. The Hammerhead Garage also generates Hero XP and Hero Drink based on your progress in the Campaign!
Radar: Use your Radar to locate special Objectives on the World Map.




University: Upgrading your University speeds up your Research and unlocks new improvements for your Empire.
Takka’s Pit Stop: Takka’s Pit Stop gives users access to events and daily drops.
Resource Vault: Upgrading your Resource Vault will protect more resources if an enemy attacks.
Farm: Build and Upgrade Farms to increase your Empire’s Food Production & Capacity.
Quarry: Build and Upgrade Quarries to increase your Empire’s Stone Production & Capacity.
Mine: Build and Upgrade Mines to increase your Empire’s Metal Production & Capacity.
Generator: Build and Upgrade Generators to increase your Empire’s Energy Production & Capacity.




Cosmetic Buildings are available to help fully customize your City. Build fountains, roads, statues and more to make it your own!






Research is completed over time and provides powerful Boosts for your City. When you visit your University, you’ll find Research Trees there, with individual Research ‘Nodes’ - completing a Node will provide your City with the associated benefits forever! Not only do these Boosts help you in several facets of the game, but you will also increase your Power when you complete Research. Resources are required to initiate Research, and you can use Speed Ups to complete Research Nodes faster.



Starting Research Trees

There are three Research Trees available to you when you unlock your University: Technology, Combat, and Economics. Each starting Research Tree focuses on a primary function of your City’s activities. Keep your eyes peeled for new Research Trees when they are released - the most formidable Cities are backed by a foundation of knowledge.


Technology Research focuses on engineering, coordination, and expansion of your influence. Nodes in this Research Tree increase Boosts like Construction Speed, Training Speed, Hospital Healing Speed, and more. You can also unlock additional March Slots in the Technology Research Tree!
Combat Research focuses on battling with your Troops. Nodes in this Research Tree increase Boosts like Troop Attack Bonus, Troop Lethality Bonus, and more.
Economics Research focuses on cultivating a strong infrastructure for your City. Nodes in this Research Tree increase Boosts like Food Production, Stone Gathering Speed, and more. 




Resources are used to Construct Buildings, Train/Heal Troops, perform Research, and more. 


Food is produced in the Farm Building, and can also be found while expanding your Outpost and on Resource Tiles on the Realm Map.
Stone is produced in the Quarry Building, and can also be found while expanding your Outpost and on Resource Tiles on the Realm Map.
Metal is produced in the Mine Building, and can also be found while expanding your Outpost and on Resource Tiles on the Realm Map.
Energy is produced in the Generator Building, and can also be found while expanding your Outpost and on Resource Tiles on the Realm Map.
Speed Ups are used to help complete the Time required to finish Construction, Research, or Training.
Stamina is used to perform actions on the World Map. 
Gold is a valuable currency that can be used to purchase all kinds of Items in FFXV:WFE, and can also be used in place of other Resources to complete Construction, Research, or Training.



Gathering Resources

You can find Resource Tiles for Food, Stone, Metal, and Energy all over the World Map - tap on a Resource Tile to send Troops there and start Gathering from it. Marches are initiated whenever you send your Troops to a Tile on the Realm Map, and sending your Heroes and Troops to gather from a Resource Tile uses one of your March Slots. Beware - enemy players can attack your Troops while they are gathering from that Resource Tile! The higher a Resource Tile’s Level, the more Resources that Tile will provide. 


Complete Research to increase your Resource Gathering Speed and increase the amount of Marches you can have active at once!




If desired, you can move your City to another location on the Realm Map. A Teleport Item or Gold is required to Teleport. To access the World Map, you must first unlock the Radar Building. When ready to Teleport, tap on an unoccupied space on the Region Map and Tap on Teleport and confirm the use of your Teleport item. If you do not have any Teleport items, you will be able to spend Gold instead.



There are different types of Teleports:

  • Basic Teleport - Transports your City to a chosen location within your Realm.


  • Random Teleport - Transports your City to a random location within your Realm.


  • Guild Teleport - Transports your City near your current Guild Leader.


  • Starter Teleport - Transports your City to any location in any Realm within 5 days of your account's creation.




VIP is a feature that provides special benefits at each rank while it is activated. VIP Points are used to increase your VIP Level, and reaching new VIP Levels will activate VIP status. Additional Items can be used to increase the amount of time that VIP status is active. VIP Points and VIP Activation Items can be obtained in Sales Packs, purchased using Gold or Guild Credits, or earned as Prizes in the Campaign/Events.


The higher your VIP Level, the better your VIP benefits will be - VIP benefits include Daily Gifts, Boosts for your City, special features, access to exclusive Sales, and more. Tap on the VIP Icon directly below your Profile Avatar to activate your VIP Status and explore the benefits of your VIP Level!



Temporary Boosts

Lots of Boosts obtained through Research, Buildings, and your Heroes are permanent and are always applied to your interactions in Eos. However, there are some occasions where you’ll need some extra power or protection, and that’s where Temporary Boosts can help out!

Temporary Boosts are Items that can be used to give you a specific Boost for a limited amount of time. Using a Temporary Boost Item will consume it and immediately start the timer for that Boost, so make sure to take advantage of it while it’s active. You can find Temporary Boosts for almost anything in FFXV:WFE - here are some examples!


  • 3 Day City Barrier - Prevents other players from being able to Attack or Scout you for 3 days.


  • +12% Troop Attack Boost (12h) - Increases your Troop Attack by 12% for 12 Hours.


  • +6% March Size Boost (8h) - Increases your March Size by 6% for 8 Hours.


  • +15% Construction Speed Boost (8h) - Increases your Construction Speed by 15% for 8 hours.


  • +15% Research Speed Boost (4h) - Increases your Research Speed by 15% for 4 hours.


  • +10% Training Capacity Boost (2h) - Increases your Training Capacity by 10% for 2 hours.


  • 50% Stone Production Boost (4h) - Increases Stone Production by 50% for 4 hours.


Use Temporary Boosts strategically to get the most out of them! Tap on your Citadel and tap ‘Buffs’ to explore all of the types of Temporary Boosts, and tap a specific Boost to obtain it with Gold. They can also be found in Sales, Event rewards, and more!


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