October 3, 2023

Battle Report Guide

What you need to know about Battle Reports!

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Ashley Palmer

As you make your mark in Eos, fights and battles will shape your future! From cunning enemies to fearsome monsters, your troops will lead you into exciting wins or agonizing defeats. Band together with your Guild, attack other Cities or go on solo monster adventures and find your place in Eos.


Learn your keys to victory or improvements to future encounters with the Battle Reports delivered right to your in-game mail!





  1. Time and date of the battle
  2. Victory Loot- What you gained as a result of your battle
  3. Victory or Defeat
  4. Your information- Your avatar, Guild Tag, City Name and City Coordinates
  5. Your enemy- Type of Troop or Monster and Location Coordinates
  6. Your Reinforcement Power total
  7. Enemy reinforcements
  8. Heroes utilized
  9. Enemy Heroes
  10. Gear and Augments Equipped
  11. Enemy Gear Equipped
  12. Losses at a glance
  13. Statistical Breakdown- Troops, Losses, Wounded (sent to the hospital to be healed), Lightly Wounded, and Standing (no damage)
  14. Battle Details Button- Launches a detailed pop-up where you can see the strengths and weaknesses of your Attack
  15. Power Up Button- Launches a detailed pop-up with your total Power, Ranking against rivals and Power Up section with Hero Rank, Hero Level and Boost Page shortcuts to ensure victory!


When you participate in Guild Battles against foes, the player that instigated the Rally will appear at the top, and the information about what assistance you (and the rest of your Guild) provided will appear in the Battle Details section. If you started the Rally, at the top of your Battle Report, you will see Rally Leader Loot which is what you received for starting the Rally against the enemy. 






Q: What did I get for my battle?


A: Both Victory Loot and Rally Leader Loot will show you everything added to your Items. You can tap each image for a pop-up with an in-depth description about each item.


Q: What order are my Heroes in?


A: If all your Hero slots are filled, from left to right it will be Attacker, Tank, Support. If all slots are not full, your Hero(es) will appear in the same order as above, but fill from left to right.


Q: Why does the number of Wounded Troops matter?


A: That will be the amount of Troops you have to heal in the Hospital, so you’ll need to make sure you aren’t at capacity to heal all of your Troops.  


Q: What does the Battle Details pop up mean?


A: The goal of the pop up is to help you actually understand the impact of your Troops and Heroes. See section below.



Battle Details



  • Damage summary of each section of the Armies involved, with how much damage they dealt and received. 


  • Full Army Participant List. Each row has a drop down to see which troops used, how they contributed and how they performed. In a Guild Rally, it includes your Allies and their Troop breakdowns. The Rally Leader will always be at the top.



No matter what battles come your way, you can rest assured that your strategy can be as strong as possible with a concrete understanding of Battle Reports.


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